Branding is an area of strong expertise for us.  We are known for it.  We have helped make B.D.T. Smoke Shops, the Monroe Street Fair Hash Bash Festival, America's Medical Marijuana Championship Tournaments, and Verve Stars, (a Tommy Chong company) stand out in todays competitive industry segments.

For over 15 years we have worked closely  with our many Monroe Street Fair Hash Bash Festival cannabis related sponsors, businesses and industry leaders in helping promote their brand effectively, direct to the intended targeted audience.

We’ve created new company names and logos and built brands from scratch into household names.  We’ve also helped establish brands that have strength and resonance leading to significant growth of their brand in cannabis related target audiences and beyond.

We regularly help organizations clarify, define and come to consensus on their brand genetics, brand values, brand positioning, key messages, and target audiences.  Often we conduct in-depth brand research and lead one day branding sessions with the organization’s leadership to achieve this goal.  We then create the strategies that help plant the seeds of growth of the brand. We help clients successfully nurture and grow their brand internally and externally.

We help ensure that all marketing communications initiatives clearly and consistently grow from your brands unique genetics. This influential and fascinating advantage is inherent in your brands DNA and helps  increase the emotional connection you make with your target audience with the direct goal of positively impacting mindshare and marketshare. 


  • Branding workshops — Discuss and work with your team about what branding is, how it works, and why it is critical to the long-term success of any organization
  • Key brand elements articulation and consensus — Work with your team to clarify, define and come to consensus on your brand DNA, brand values, brand-building strategy, brand positioning, key brand messages, and target audiences.
  • Branding workshops and branding brainstorming sessions — leading and facilitating branding seminars and sessions that uniquely identify and establish your brands DNA. 
  • Brand research — conducting in-depth market research to aid in brand positioning:  market opportunity/threats research, brand perception research, consumer insights research, key audience research, and influencer insights research
  • Brand architecture development — creating “Brand Guide Books” or “Brand Constitutions” for institutions
  • Brand strategy development — making the brand come to life internally and externally.  Creating marketing communications strategies and tactics and then implementing them internally and externally
  • Top management brand building consulting — counseling top management on how best to harness the power of their brand and how to use PR, marketing, advertising, creative design, and interactive to reinforce and grow the brand with their target audiences
  • Brand launch or brand roll-out events and campaigns – creating strategies, programs, and events to launch and roll-out the new brand with internal and external constituencies
  • Brand naming and brand logo design — creating new names and logos for companies and organizations
  • Brand hierarchy or brand family strategy development – creating a strategic system for how multiple brands and brand names/logos work in concert with one another
  • Brand name and logo trademarking — trademarking new names and logos for companies and organizations
  • Brand collateral system development — creating print and interactive collateral material that articulates and reinforces the brand
  • Brand identity guidelines – creating guidelines for how the brand identity is used consistently.


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