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Charles Strackbein has been attracted to design and creating innovative solutions since his earliest days. He loved his Lincoln log’s and Erector set’s, Radio Shack transistor radio kits, chemistry sets, microscopes,  Mattel Match Book Cars and Vertibird Flying Rescue Helicopter’s. Like many American kids, he was into comic books and Saturday morning cartoons, coloring books and painting set’s. As a youngster, Lego’s had no pins in the base and certainly no instructions and minimal visual suggestions. That didn’t matter as it fostered Charles ambition to head intuitively in his own direction. As he grew he realized following the rules and directions were no fun, no challenge. He often totally ignored and recreated the instructions. 

Charles started in the architecture field with his first job at age 16 at Albert Petrilli Architects in Warren Michigan. He went Utica Ford High School - Architectural Design & Drafting Program, Macomb Community College - Architectural Technology and the University of Detroit School of Architecture winning many top design awards along the way. He worked for a few of the world’s most prestigious architecture, engineering and planning firms. His favorite memories in the architecture industry include his time and work in Hawaii.

Charles Strackbein has lived in Michigan all his life and got his start in a "semi" cannabis related industry in 1996 when he started working at B.D.T. Smoke Shops in Hazel Park, Michigan. Soon after starting Charles worked closely with the business owner, and quickly established a clear brand and strong  marketing program that has gone on to see B.D.T. Smoke Shops grow from 1 store to 5 stores today.

Charles remembers a favored time in his early cannabis career, when at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam he was asked to call into the Drew and Mike morning show on WRIF each morning to issue live report’s and reviews.  He has been to many major cannabis related trade shows and expo’s, including the first CTA show in Las Vegas in 1999.

Charles Strackbein is proud to continue his long time camaraderie with others that benefit from the use of cannabis and work together to achieve pro-patient and cannabis initiatives.

Being a registered Michigan Medical Marijuana patient that realizes the benefits of cannabis daily has helped fuel his motivation to share his experience with other cannabis entrepreneurs and business owners. It is his hope  they can increase awareness of all the uses and benefits of cannabis while growing further interest and loyalty in their brand.

He is the founder and co-owner of the Monroe Street Fair Hash Bash Festival  and co-founder and co-owner of Creative Rec LLC, Growth Highway Agency, Michigan Medical Marijuana Tournaments, and Verve Stars LLC, a Tommy Chong Company.  

With more than 30 years of diverse design, marketing, and advertising experience, Charles offers surprising directions for any opportunity.

When he is not advocating for the medical and recreational uses of cannabis, you can find him spending quality time with the best girlfriend ever - Annette Nay Nay, studying pre-history to the most futuristic visions, enjoying local live music, summertime festivals and events, studio work and sharing time with the family at our home on Lake Huron in northern Michigan.
Charles is happy to share his proven experience teaching business owners how they can effectively grow their business.



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