We love creating a great marketing strategy that moves people to take action. 

And we really love creating integrated campaigns that leverage multiple marketing strategies by combining them with PR, advertising, creative design and interactive.

From national corporations to small privately-held companies, we’re constantly creating fresh, innovative and highly successful integrated campaigns.  However, we will not execute a marketing campaign just because it sounds cool or looks like fun.  It has to help our client achieve real business results.

Whether it’s a viral national contest, a social media campaign, a new product launch, influencer seeding, or a grassroots marketing campaign — we’re always looking to create the best marketing strategy to help you reach your business goals as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We believe that any good marketing strategy has its roots in sound research. 

That’s why we often conduct market research and target audience research before we create a program.  Once we have strong foundational data, then we can help you create an award winning marketing strategy that helps you achieve your goals.

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  • Marketing strategy development
  • Creation and implementation of marketing campaigns as well as integrated marketing campaigns (multiple marketing functions happening simultaneously)
  • Marketing campaign management and oversight
  • Market research — market opportunity/threats research, competitive research, strategic positioning research, brand perception research, consumer insights research, key audience analysis and prioritization research
  • Target audience research — influencer, demographic, psychographic, perception, usage, preference research
  • Social media marketing campaigns
  • Viral and grass roots marketing programming
  • Interactive and internet-based communications — email marketing campaigns, websites and podcasts
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM/Pay-Per-Click)
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) campaigns
  • Cause marketing campaigns
  • Special event & festival planning —  press conferences, grand openings, trade shows, and product launches
  • Internal communications and employee engagement programs
  • Contest creation, implementation and oversight
  • Awards creation, implementation and oversight
  • Influencer seeding
  • Word of mouth marketing campaigns